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Enjoy crystal-clear video quality with four times the resolution of standard HD, providing viewers with an immersive and lifelike viewing experience.

HEVC (H.265)

Benefit from efficient video compression technology, allowing for higher quality streaming at lower bitrates, reducing bandwidth consumption without compromising visual fidelity.


Stream without worry about bandwidth limitations or overage charges, ensuring seamless access to your content for viewers worldwide without interruption.
Color Sampling

4:2:2 10-bit

Experience rich and vibrant colors with enhanced color depth and precision, delivering superior image quality and detail for professional-grade video content.

256-bit AES

Ensure the security and privacy of your content with military-grade encryption, protecting against unauthorized access, piracy, and content theft.


Enjoy the flexibility of transcoding your video content into various formats and resolutions on-the-fly, optimizing playback compatibility and performance across different devices and network conditions without restrictions or limitations.

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Enable streaming of ultra-high-definition content at a resolution of 7680 pixels × 4320 lines, offering an even higher level of detail and clarity compared to 4K.


Enhances video quality and reduces costs. It’s efficient, royalty-free codec outperforms older standards, making it ideal for economical, high-quality video delivery.


Provide users with unlimited storage space for uploading and hosting their video content on the platform.
High Dynamic Range


Allow for the streaming of content with HDR metadata, enhancing contrast, brightness, and color accuracy for a more vibrant and lifelike viewing experience.
Video Player


Offer a fully customizable video player with options for branding, skinning, and integration of interactive elements to match the website’s design and user experience.

Video Analytics

Provide detailed analytics and reporting tools for content creators to track viewer engagement, audience demographics, and performance metrics.
Live Stream


Allow users to record live streams for later viewing or on-demand access, with options for automatic archiving and storage management.

Advanced Encoding

Offer advanced encoding settings such as bitrate control, GOP (Group of Pictures) structure, and color space management for fine-tuning video quality and compression efficiency.

Encoding Profiles

Support a wide range of encoding profiles optimized for various devices and platforms, ensuring compatibility and optimal playback performance across different screen sizes and resolutions.


Monitor streaming performance in real-time and receive alerts for issues such as bitrate fluctuations, dropped frames, or network congestion, enabling proactive troubleshooting and optimization.


Implement digital watermarking techniques to deter piracy and unauthorized redistribution of content, with options for both visible and invisible watermarks for traceability and enforcement purposes.
Intelligent Adaptive Bitrate


Implement intelligent ABR algorithms that dynamically adjust streaming quality based on real-time network conditions, user device capabilities, and viewer preferences, optimizing the balance between video quality and playback reliability.


AX-ONE® is leading the transition to Web3 with our decentralized streaming platform, now integrating cryptocurrencies for a more inclusive and global reach.

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What is AX-ONE®?

AX-ONE® redefine the future of content delivery and revolutionizes streaming with breathtaking 4K and ensuring an unmatched visual experience.

AX-ONE® prioritize top-tier security, offering military-grade encryption. Enjoy unlimited streaming and data without worries. Coupled with a perfect blend of simplicity and innovation.
  1. Entertainment: Ideal for streaming movies and series, offering impressive visuals and clear audio.
  2. Gaming: Provides a smooth experience for streaming and watching high-resolution gameplay.
  3. Education: Used for online courses and training, ensuring clear content delivery.
  4. Business: Enables professional communication through video conferences, webinars, presentations, and services for the film and commercial industry.
  5. Events: Livestreams of concerts, sports, and conferences benefit from high-quality visuals to reach a wider audience.
  6. Healthcare: Supports telemedicine by transmitting medical consultations and diagnoses.
  7. Arts and Culture: Artists and cultural events use high-quality streams to showcase exhibitions, theater performances, and more online.
  8. Surveillance and Security: Enhances security systems and surveillance cameras with clear images.
  9. Science and Research: Scientists use high-quality streams for remote experiments and conferences to share real-time insights.

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